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Rubber Processing

For the rubber processing industry, Keeprecision materialsare tremendously applied as internal or external thermal insulation. Customers from the following industries benefit from our thermal insulation service:

  • Hydraulic tyre curing presses

  • Presses for the production of rubber-based conveyor belt

  • Presses for the production of rubber plates. Mats and floor covering

  • Rubber injection machines for the production of molded rubber articles

Our thermal insulation solutions, combining excellent insulation, mechanical and chemical resistance, and long service life, are specifically tailored to the above-mentioned applications. In this way, wesignificantly improve the energy efficiency, product quality and process safety for our customers. Keeprecision engineers have pragmatic experience in insulationfor rubber processing, based on which we provide customers with an optimal thermal insulation system. Therefore, continuously smooth and stable rubber production lines can be guaranteed.

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Typical Application Industries

Mould and Tooling Industry

Molding insulation

Hot runner system

External heat insluation

Rubber Molding Equipments

Plate vulcanizing press

Tyre curing press

Rubber Extrusion


Thermoplastic hot press

Thermosetting hot press

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